In China, Global Footprint Network aims to unite the efforts of scientists, practitioners and decision-makers using Ecological Footprint accounting to provide robust metrics and guide China’s development of an ecological civilization.

Partnership is open to individuals and organizations that are aligned with Global Footprint Network’s mission and that wish to be part of a global community of experts and thought leaders in the application of the Ecological Footprint methodology and sustainability issues. Participating partners receive access to a leveraged network of rich Ecological Footprint expertise and Global Footprint Network scientific and communications support. Participating partners also commit to using the Ecological Footprint in accordance with our application standards.

Through the participation of our partners we:

  • Coordinate research;
  • Update and strengthen the National Footprint Accounts;
  • Standardize methodologies;
  • Extend the Footprint into new domains;
  • Share tools;
  • Build the technical capacity of footprint practitioners and
  • Develop strategic initiatives that benefit the entire sustainability community.

Partner Benefits

Joining Global Footprint Network connects you with a growing group of leading organizations, gives you access to the latest Ecological Footprinting materials and tools, and provides opportunities for international collaboration.

Our Partner Network facilitates the exchange of ideas and resources among diverse organizations with shared goals. It offers a forum for innovation and adaptation while allowing the organizations invested in it to thrive in a fast-changing world.

Partners are recognized as leaders in ecological resource accounting and sustainability, and play a vital role in advancing the science of sustainability through collaborative Footprint projects.

Joining the Partner Network

Global Footprint Network partners are required to comply with the most recent Ecological Footprint standards and the partner responsibilities detailed in our Partnership Agreement.

If you or your organization is interested in becoming a partner or if you have any questions, please contact us at Thank you!